Welcome to suduro.com, the home of Suduro, a fun, elegant new variation on Sudoku, with the challenges of Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles combined. If you already know and enjoy Sudoku, these offer a challenging new dimension to your puzzling. Fill in the gray squares with numbers 1-9 so that the gray squares in each column and row add up to the sums clues in the top-edge and left-edge black squares. Similarly, the upper-left 3-by-3 grid of numbers shows the gray-squares sums for the corresponding 3-by-3 sub-grids. Fill in the white squares to complete a normal Sudoku puzzle, so every row, column, and 3-by-3 sub-grid has each number 1-9 exactly once. Here’s a more detailed Introduction to Suduro with a fuller explanation of the rules and solution strategies, if you want to know more.

Publishers, book agents, newspaper editors, Dan Tow, the inventor of Suduro, has a book of Suduro puzzles ready for immediate publication. Here’s his email address, and the website for his day job.

By Dan Tow, Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved